Stone ground chocolate, from bean to bar

At the heart of every Bahen & Co chocolate bar is a carefully executed process which results in a delicious, fair-trade and sustainable chocolate that will quite simply blow your mind.  This intricate process includes sourcing the world’s best quality cocoa beans, harvesting the pods, fermenting the cocoa beans and sun-drying them, sorting the beans by hand to select only the finest quality beans that are then slowly roasted to develop the bean’s personality and enhance its flavour. 

The beans are then cracked to separate the cocoa nibs from the husks and finally mixed with organic raw sugar and stone ground into a rich chocolate paste. 

The chocolate is then tempered and finally wrapped in a beautifully printed paper inspired by the globe origins of the cocoa beans.  As one of our dear friends stated, even the paper looks good enough to eat!

Bahen & Co is one of the few producers globally to craft chocolate with just cocoa beans and organic cane sugar.  Artisan Josh Bahen creates a true craft product from his family’s farm in Margaret River - Western Australia that exceeds fairtrade standards.  Only the finest quality cocoa beans are sourced from around the globe with an emphasis placed on the long-term relationship that Bahen creates with the farmers. 

These relationships are based on the principles of mutual benefit, transparent and fair, and the mutual respect, love and passion that is passed on from the bean to the farmer and finally to the Bahen&Co chocolate makers can be tasted in every incredible bite of this delicious chocolate. 

The Margaret River is a region known for its raw natural beauty and strong community that supports the efforts of small producers and local artisans.  With only a small number of chocolate bars made from the highest quality ingredients and most traditional chocolate making machinery, the Bahen&Co chocolate bars leave a long lasting impression.  The flavours entice, excite and linger on your palate and take you on a journey across the globe “from bean to bar.” 

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