Omeio Artisanal Deli Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate Bundle

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Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled taste and culinary delights with our exclusive "Ultimate Bundle." Carefully curated with food lovers in mind, this collection of handpicked treasures will take your palate on an extraordinary adventure.


What's Inside

Mörk Artisan Drinking Chocolate:

An original blend that is crafted with cacao powder, 100% cacao liquor and sweetened only with unrefined coconut blossom sugar. Notes of stone fruit, almonds and ripe berries are rounded off with hints of toffee and lingering dark chocolate.

Omeio Artisanal Deli Default Default Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garlic - 200ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garlic:

Enhance a timeless classic with added flavor! Yiayia and friends' extra virgin olive oil is low in acidity and high in nutrition, imbued with the delicious taste of garlic for an unforgettable experience.

Premium EVOO from Crete, cold-pressed & infused with garlic. Savoury, nutty, moreish.

Olive Oil & Oregano Rusks:

Experience the Mediterranean charm in every bite. These rustic rusks are lovingly baked with olive oil and sprinkled with aromatic oregano, perfect for dipping or enjoying on their own.

Bahen & Co. Chocolate Chocolate Vanilla & Almond Nougat 100g
Vanilla & Almond Nougat:

Hand-made soft vanilla nougat with crunchy slow roasted almonds is enrobed in dark chocolate.

Kiwifruit & Kawakawa Verde:

A unique blend of tangy kiwifruit, peppery New Zealand Kawakawa and locally grown jalapeños makes for a super fresh and colourful verde.

This piquant salsa verde is perfect for adding a zesty bite to all your favourite comfort foods like fish tacos, guacamole and even cheese toasties.

Omeio Artisanal Deli Default Default Kiwifruit & Kawakawa Verde - 150ml
Salt Odyssey Salt Basil & Garlic Salt Flakes 75g
Basil & Garlic Salt Flakes:

Discover the chef hidden inside you with this perfectly balanced -pyramid-shaped- salt. A luxurious artisanal salt with a pleasingly rich basil aroma, combined with a slight note of distinctive garlic taste.

Use this gourmet salt as a finishing salt or at the end of cooking. Just gently crush it between your fingertips and sprinkle it over pasta, meat, chicken, fish or vegetables and enjoy its full, ripe t

Omeio Artisanal Deli Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate Bundle

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