Started in November 2005, Miellerie was founded by France born Yves Ginat who, along with is family, creates a magnificent assortment of flavoursome raw, cold-extracted honeys through the marriage of French tradition and Tasmanian flowers.  Yves’ honey will make you want to meet the bees themselves to say thank you for their beautiful tasting honey, which has been created out of an abundance of determination, love and respect for nature. 

    As head apiarist, Yves nurtures the bee community using only organic and biodynamic beekeeping practices in order to maintain the honey’s optimum health harmony from the hive to the jar.

    Essential to the integrity of Miellerie is their trade practice of cold extraction of the honey from the comb in order to harness the vitality, aroma, colour and texture of the delightful nectars from Tasmanian native floras.  From a total of 160 hives, Yves and his team create five different varieties of honey from which we have chosen our three favourites to share with you.

    Without further a due, we would like to present to you the stars of Miellerie: ‘Lady’ Leatherwood, ‘Dame’ Prickly Box and ‘Sir’ Lake Pedder.

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