Omeio Artisanal Deli Honduras Mogola Lot La Tina, Anaerobic Natural 200g
ONA Coffee Single Origin Filter Coffee, Anaerobic Natural 200g
ONA Coffee Single Origin Filter Coffee, Anaerobic Natural 200g

Honduras Mogola Lot La Tina 200g

  • Premium taste
  • Single origin
  • Wash: Anaerobic Natural
  • Whole beans

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This lot showcases a beautiful array of bright red fruits like red apple and red currant that bring life and freshness to this coffee's rich chocolate-like body.

TASTES LIKE: Red apple, red currant, ruby grapefruit and dark chocolate

ROAST: Filter


This coffee is intensely fruited due to the extended time spent in whole cherry fermentation. The coffee is piled up in a thick layer and left unturned on raised African beds. The centre temperature of the pile begins to increase, spurring fermentation to be accelerated in the coffee cherries at the centre of the pile. As they ferment, Co2 is released, creating an anaerobic environment for those cherries in the centre layers. Once a day, the pile is spread thin and then re-heaped up to ensure all coffee cherries are fermented to a similar level.

PRODUCER: Don Fabio Caballero
REGION: Marcala
PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural
ALTITUDE: 1500-1650masl

Marcala, Honduras

Don Fabio is one of Sasa’s biggest mentors for coffee production and is a great advisor. Mogola was the first farm he purchased back in 1970. It looks like a botanic garden with many trees to separate and protect lots from the wind. It’s very humid and cold, which helps maintain water moisture in the soil and allow plants to not stress because of hot weather. These conditions promote slow maturation resulting in more complex and intense flavours.

In his seventies, Don Fabio has assigned his daughter Marysabel to help manage some of his farms. With the guidance from Project Origin, Marysabel and her partner have welcomed experimental processes like Supernaturals into their farm to become yearly staples.

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Meet The Maker
Ona Coffee

As one of Australia’s most highly regarded specialty roasters, they’ve always had one simple goal: creating the best and most sustainable coffee in the world.
Back in 2008 Saša Šestić started his own coffee roastery out of his garage in Canberra with a simple vision. He wanted to create great coffee and share it with as many people as possible. To help make his dream a reality, Saša worked around the three core values he personally stood for, innovation, community and excellence.

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