Prom Country Cheese Sheep Sensation 170g
Prom Country Cheese Sheep Sensation 170g
Prom Country Cheese Sheep Sensation 170g
Prom Country Cheese Sheep Sensation 170g

Sheep Sensation 170g

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Sheep Sensation is a unique, farmhouse-style cheese. A slow-make technique develops a fine, close texture with a creamy, luscious mouth feel. The body is covered in a wrinkled, bloomy white rind. The flavour is distinctively different - a balance between sweet and sour, and long on the palate. Melts in the mouth. The aroma is of the farm, reminiscent of freshly-cut grass.

 Sheep Sensation can be enjoyed at any stage, from fresh (3-5 days), to creamy (14 days) to semi-matured (3-4 weeks) to aged (2-3 months), when it develops a waxy-smooth, drier texture with concentrated flavours and a peppery finish.

Sheep Sensation has amazing characteristics, controlled by the rind flora, which allow it to mature gracefully into a parmesan-style grating cheese. The moulds slowly draw moisture out of the cheese. This moisture should be allowed to escape unless you are looking for a more pungent cheese. For this to happen, wrap in waxed parchment.

Round - Size: 8cm diameter - Weight: approx. 170g

Distinctive - Creamy - Smooth - Dense - Nutritious

Serve with Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc or dessert wines, depending on the age of the cheese.

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