How many times have you bought a rock hard avocado, waited a few days for it to ripen and then finally when you sit down to eat it, it tastes a little off? Well, it's happened a few too many times to us and so we decided to do some research on when the best time is to eat a scrumptious avocado.  This is what we found:


The best way to store an unripened avocado is outside the fridge, in a paper bag, snuggled next to a banana or apple.  This is because these fruits give off ethylene gas, which helps to speed up the ripening process.  This will most likely take around 2 to 4 days.  


The best way to store a ripe avocado is in the fridge but please note that it will only last for up to 3 days at the most.


The next step is to sit back and enjoy a wonderfully ripened, creamy avocado.  It tastes great in salads, smoothies and especially on toast.  No wonder they call it nature's butter!  


Important note: The absolute best tasting avocados are, of course, organic!


For more information go to the Australian Avocados website.



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