No matter how well we eat, exercise and look after ourselves, sometimes our hectic lives can get the better of us.  I woke up yesterday with a blocked nose and a heavy head.  When I walked into work, I was bombarded with questions such as "Have you taken any Panadol yet?" "Do you want a Nurofen?" "How are you going to get any better if you don't take anything?!"  The answer to the first two questions was no and to the latter was this:


 The body is able to heal naturally if you provide it with the right ingredients to strengthen your immune system.  At Omeio we believe that everything we need to heal, well the common cold at least, can be found in nature and our favourite head cold recipes are lemon, ginger, raw honey and rosemary infusion coupled with a warm himlayan rock salt and water nasal rinse.  They are easy, nurturing and above all they work wonders.


For the infusion try to use all organic produce and boiled filtered water.  The ingredients include:


Juice of half a lemon

Four to five thin slices of peeled ginger

A tea spoon of raw honey

A sprig of fresh rosemary

Boiling, filtered water


Place all the ingredients into a mug of your choice and let stand for about 3-5 minutes.  This allows the ginger and rosemary time to infuse.  


For the nasal rinse you will need to boil water, again filtered is best, and a tablespoon of organic himalayan rock salt.  You will also need to find a bottle that is suitable to nasal rinses.  This you can find in most chemists and it is entirely up to you which one you would like to use.  


Dissolve the himalayan rock salt in the boiling water and then allow it to cool until it is luke warm.  Next, pop it in your nasal rinse bottle, grab some tissues and head into the bathroom.  Place your head over the sink so you are looking down into the sink and slowly squeeze the liquid into each nostril, alternating sides.  After each rinse it is best to blow your noses but try to do so slowly.  Use about a quarter to half a bottle for each rinse.  Repeat a few times throughout the day for maximum results.  


Now sit back, with your box of tissues, grab a book and try to rest.  The body needs plenty of rest and relaxation when it is trying to heal.  


Please note that this is not a substitute for any medications that may be required for a serious illness.  It is best to check with your doctor if you are feeling very unwell and have a fever.  This is appropriate for the common head cold or a sore throat.

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