The real value of buying organic food and the hidden costs of non-organic food.

The most common reason that people choose not to buy organic produce is the cost. “It’s so expensive” is a phrase that we often hear and in monetary terms alone this unfortunely is true. Organic food is usually double the price of conventional goods. However, the hidden costs of non-organic produce, sold in the majority of supermarkets throughout Australia today, is astounding. These include:

  • The cost to our health that comes from the pesticides used to grow non-organic fruits and vegetables. This often leads to the consumption of antibiotics and other medicines to counteract the damage done to our bodies.
  • The cost to the wellbeing of animals, who are not only treated cruelly but are usually medicated with antibiotics to combat various illnesses. This also negatively impacts our health when we consume these unhealthy animals.


  • local farmers who are being wiped out by industrial farming methods or are being bullied into choosing non-organic farming methods.


  • The cost to the local economy when food is imported from overseas.


  • The cost to mother earth whose soil is slowly being destroyed.

So instead of focusing solely on the price tag, we take into account all these hidden costs when choosing to buy organic products. Doing so boosts your health, takes a stand against animal cruelty, supports local farmers and economies, and enhances sustainability.

So we ask you, why not choose organic?



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  • Natalie

    So true Klara, thank for being a source of inspiration and raising awareness!

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