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For the beautiful women of Omeio, this is one for you. 

The power of food never ceases to amaze me. This is a powerful read from a woman who was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries) at 16 years of age, and her struggle to heal her body naturally with holistic healing, in spite of the pressures of western medicine. Her path to health was long and strenuous but her belief in good food and a natural diet helped get her there.

As women, we often struggle to understand the intricate nuances of our bodies. We have ups and downs, we are often in pain, and our bodies are constantly changing. We often live on a roller coaster of emotions and bodily discomforts and we are still told by so called experts what to eat, what to drink, and above all to fill our bodies with medications that will "cure" us. Not very many people stop to think that perhaps we know what's best for us.

A slight correction if I may, our bodies know what's best for them and the way in which they flourish when we love and nurture them is truly amazing. Valentina's journey of listening to and growing with her body is beautifully written and I was very much inspired by it. I invite you to be too.


Check out the article on HortusCuisine.

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