A dear friend recently turned me onto acupuncture and I've been lucky enough to have found Houng and Rochelle at Bondi Acupuncture (Eastern Therapies). Over the past three weeks of weekly acupuncture, my migraines have decreased significantly and my energy levels have increased. What has also been important though is the work that I've been doing on learning to "let go" and realising more and more that I am the only one that will enable myself to do so. I was speaking to Houng yesterday about the difficulty I have quieting my mind so instead of incessantly trying to do this and failing continuously, I decided to focus on gratitude instead. Each night before I go to bed or during the day when I can stop for 5 minutes and just be still, I think about at least three things that I am grateful for on that particularly day and in that particular moment. And it works. It has helped me to calm down and let certain neuroses go, or at least calm down long enough to give me some peace and quiet. The best part is that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  
I'm dearly grateful for my health, my love, my family, my friends and the opportunity to have Omeio as such an important part of my life. I'm also grateful that you have chosen to share the Omeio experience with us!  
With love and light,

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