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    In the beautifully designed label that adorns the brown bags containing the fragrant, delicious and100% Australian coffee beans are six words that incorporate the very essence of The Big Marquee coffee: home is where the heart is.  The dynamic duo behind this fantastic brand of organic deliciousness are brothers, Rhys and Owen Hart, bound together not only by blood but also by their love of organic food, locally grown produce, and of course Australian coffee.  These guys are passionate, knowledgable and above all, make a damn good cup of coffee. 

    The truth is that we typically think of coffee as deriving from far corners of the earth such as Ethiopia, Colombia or Brazil, what we didn’t know until recently is that we have best coffee located right in our backyard.  The Big Marquee coffee is created from green beans sourced from farms along the North-Eastern coast of Australia and down to Berry, NSW, which are then air roasted by the Hart brothers themselves in their hometown of Engadine, NSW. That’s right, just next door!  And what is truly amazing is that Australian coffee not only tastes better but it’s the only 100% organic coffee that can possibly be found in Australia because it is not subject to fumigation or irradiation.  It also has the added bonus of being naturally lower in caffeine, so you can enjoy the goodness and great taste of this magnificent beverage without the unnecessary over-stimulation that you can often experience from coffee. 

    What’s in the name? The Big Marquee was what their grandfather called the 18 x 12ft tent that became the family home for a few weeks during the long wet summers on the South Coast.  The tradition has been kept alive by their father, Jack, who has now upgraded to a Viscount caravan.

    So dear lovers of amazing coffee, we invite you to become part of a family tradition, try a home grown and roasted brew, and fall in love with 100% organic Australian coffee.  There is simply no other coffee to be had.  Prepare to be converted!

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