Pasta Emilia



    Talking to Anna Maria and eating a plate of her homemade pasta with a spicy arrabiatta sauce is like stepping into a beautiful Italian village in the Emilia-Romagna region and devouring a traditional delicious meal.  She is intuitive, passionate and a lover of wholesome, sustainable food.  Anna Maria, her husband Simon, and the amazing team of pasta makers, chefs and apprentices make up the Pasta Emilia family. 

    Together they have created award-winning pasta and sauces made from organic, biodynamic and local produce.  They source local organic ingredients, maintain good relationships with their farmers and producers, and uphold the ideals of making healthy organic food informed by time honoured traditions.  This is the most authentic and nourishing pasta that we have found in Sydney and we are proud to provide you with the very best of Italian cuisine for you to make in your very own home.  Buon appetito ragazzi.  

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