About Omeio

Photo credit: The RidePhotography

Omeio was founded by a young couple passionate about good food and conscious living. 

Klara’s background is in psychology and she works as a bilingual counsellor with migrant communities. Niko's background is in hospitality  where he worked as a chef and barista, and managed cafe / restaurants.
They see Omeio as an opportunity to share what they have learnt and to create an online community of like-minded people.

The Concept

Omeio is an online deli dedicated to provide and deliver a curated selection of fine artisan food, while servicing your wellness and supporting local food producers.

Why Omeio?

Have you ever walked into a health food store only to be overwhelmed by the chaotic selection of products? Searched online for specific items but couldn't find the right info or get them delivered the way you wanted? Or worse, have you ever bought something you were told was organic, only to discover it was actually not even made by a human?
We have been through all of this with a great deal of frustration. This is the reason why we created Omeio. We know how hard it already is to change your habits toward a more conscious lifestyle. Our busy life and the everyday overflow of information makes it harder to make the right choices. Our mission is to only offer what we think is the most premium quality of products. This is based on extensive market research and a personal relationship with all the artisans we work with. There is also a lot of tasting involved...

Based in Sydney

Proudly operating in the magnificent city of Sydney, Omeio delivers to all of the Sydney Metro area. We support and promote local products, as well as organisations and businesses that share the same values and passion. We also offer food and products from our travels and escapades to other Australian cities and around the world.

Origin of The Name

The name Omeio comes from the Greek word “Ομειος”, which means the same or similar. It represents the idea that all we need to be healthy can be found in nature and the more similar our lifestyle and diet are to the elements we can find in nature the better our lives will be.

Our Philosophy


Omeio fully supports locally grown organic products. Organic produce is environmentally-friendly, provides you with all the nutrients your body needs with none of the harmful pesticides and it even tastes better! Our mission is to promote the use of organic products and clean eating, and make it more accessible to everyone.


To live well one must live in harmony with nature and to have respect for that which nourishes us. Omeio hopes to help you in making the right choices for the environment. Our packaging is eco-friendly and all of our products are responsibly sourced.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates. We believe in keeping your body and mind healthy with natural food and exercise and that physical illness is often the symptom of an unbalanced lifestyle. There is certainly a place for modern medicine, but we believe a holistic approach to preventing and healing is the ideal way to maintain optimum health.