Yiayia Knows Best
Yiayia Knows Best
Yiayia Knows Best
Yiayia Knows Best
Yiayia Knows Best
Yiayia Knows Best
Yiayia Knows Best
Yiayia Knows Best
Yiayia Knows Best

Yiayia Knows Best

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Let's be real, Yiayia really does know best.

Experience the culinary heritage of Greece right from your pantry, as our carefully curated selection of cult-classic products brings the rich tastes of Greece's honoured recipes to your table. Unleash your inner chef and indulge in the authentic flavours of Greece with our meticulously chosen pantry staples. Taste the traditions and history of Greece with every bite of our cult-classic products.

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What's Inside the box

Item options such as flavour type might vary based on availability.

Aged balsamic vinegar

1x 200ml Bottle

From a range of balsamic vinegars aged for years in wooden barrels and blended with all-natural fruit juices; just a few drops will transform even the plainest dish with big, bold flavour notes.

Rusks from Crete

1x 160g Pack

Infused with Mediterranean flavours, these versatile rusks can be enjoyed as appetizers with dips or transformed into yiayia's favourite "Dakos" salad with the addition of olive oil, tomato, and soft white cheese.


1x 200g Jar

Marianna's Dolmadakia, stuffed vine leaves filled with 100% organic local Greek ingredients, are a satisfying and healthy vegetarian mezedaki.

Fig Marmalade

1x 270g Jar

Experience the unique aroma of a Mediterranean summer in a jar of homemade Fig Marmalade. Made from Kimi and Black Figs, the only additions being a hint of fresh lemon juice and sugar.

Premium Olive Oil

1x 250ml Bottle

Sourced from the finest olive groves in Molaoi, Asopos & Monemvasia, this award winning premium extra virgin olive oil hails from Laconia, Greece. The warm rocky hillsides along the Aegean Sea create an optimal microclimate for producing high quality olive oil.


1x 200g Box

These Organic Olive Oil Sesame Cookies (Ladokoloura) made in Crete will elevate your taste experience with their simply delicious flavour.

Miranda Biscuits

1x 250g Pack

Miranda biscuits have been kids and grown-ups’ favourite biscuits and are closely associated with our care free childhood and the sweetest hug of a mother.With a distinctive taste that brings forth the strongest memories, no matter how many years go by.


1x 115g Tin

Indulge in the rich, indulgent flavour of Papadopoulos Caprice, crispy wafers filled with delicious cocoa and hazelnut. These delightful wafers perfectly complement cappuccinos, ice creams, cakes, and other pastries, even hot cocoa. Proudly produced in Greece.

Lambou Bros. Sweet Treat Pasteli Melato (Chewy) Pistachio 40g


2x 40g-70g Bar

Traditional Greek soft sesame bar combining fine honey, sugar, slightly roasted pistachios with wholesome and nutritious sesame seeds for a chewy texture.

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