Greek Liquid Gold
Greek Liquid Gold
Greek Liquid Gold
Greek Liquid Gold
Greek Liquid Gold

Greek Liquid Gold

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Experience a new level of culinary excellence with our high-quality olive oils and flavourful dressings.

Whether you're drizzling the rich olive oils on salads or using the aromatic dressings to spice up your favourite recipes, our collection is crafted to elevate your every meal. Transform every meal into a culinary masterpiece with the rich and flavourful olive oils and dressings from Greek Liquid Gold. Elevate your dishes with premium ingredients and indulge your senses in a taste experience like no other! Explore new flavours and enhance old classics with our collection - a must-have for any food lover.

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What's Inside the box

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Premium Olive Oil

1x 250ml Bottle

Sourced from the finest olive groves in Molaoi, Asopos & Monemvasia, this award winning premium extra virgin olive oil hails from Laconia, Greece. The warm rocky hillsides along the Aegean Sea create an optimal microclimate for producing high quality olive oil.

Aged balsamic vinegar

1x 200ml Bottle

From a range of balsamic vinegars aged for years in wooden barrels and blended with all-natural fruit juices; just a few drops will transform even the plainest dish with big, bold flavour notes.

Truffle Oil

1x 100ml Bottle

Greek extra virgin olive oil infused with black truffle. Ideal for pasta, rice, meat, seafood, sauces and cheese.

Greek Organic Honey

1x 250g Tin

Collected from the Cretan woodlands, this organic honey is rich in nutritional benefits and an invigorating treat for the body. Harvested in spring, it is a direct connection to the special terroir and unique flora of Crete.

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