The Bakery
Freshly baked goods
The smell of hot bread, the lightness of a croissant, and the sweet nostalgia of a homebake cake
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Oven Ready
Wholesome homemade meals
A variety of wholesome meals prepared by our chefs
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From the deli
Cured meats & cheeses
From our favourite food artisans, both local & international
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Dry goods, drinks, snacks, and more
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Mediterranean Flavours
A taste of our favourite places
From the Basque Country, to Spain, Italy, and Greece
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The gift of food
for a little extra flavour
Something Small
For a special occasion
Gift Ideas
Made to order
Picnic boxes

Get together together to taste some of our favourite cured meats, cheeses, and mezze

Tasted & Certified

Featuring local and international artisanal food made by skilled artisans

Choco Mania
Cacao Indulgence
A collection of premium hand crafted chocolate
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